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hypersigils and feedback loops

Linking to this recent post “Hypersigils reconsidered” at technoccult, because it is foreshadowing critical aspects of where HEAR posts are going – namely, discussions of cybernetics and feedback loops.

However, for purposes of this essay, I’m only going to consider “hypersigils” as narrative works- but I do want to consider narrative beyond strictly fictional narratives. For example, one can create a narrative in a personal blog or Live Journal or their Twitter or Facebook updates.

The way I see it, the online persona, fictional self, or avatar one creates can create feedback loops to reinforce behaviors and perceptions and have a create significant “real world” changes in a person’s life over time.

Some interesting commentary there.

Just to split a few hairs in the interest of clarity. “Hyperstition” is (loosely defined) “fiction that becomes reality.” On the other hand, a “hypersigil” is a sigil (a ‘method for altering reality in accordance with intent’) extended past a static image, and typically considered to have a narrative form. The differences are thus twofold:
1) intent – The sigil or hypersigil involves an intent of the creator to actually alter reality. In contrast, hyperstition is simply “realized fiction”, and does not (necessarily) presuppose an intent on someone’s part.
2) scope – A sigil or hypersigil is created for some “specific magical purpose”, or, per Morrison “for altering reality” – in other words, it does not necessarily entail “realizing” the hypersigilic “narrative”. If a hyperstition is a “realized fiction”, then a hypersigil is a narrative used to alter reality, although not necessarily with the intent of realizing the narrative.

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