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from Wikipedia’s entry on sigils:

A ‘hypersigil’ is an extended piece of artwork, be it a novel, song, dance etc, that is created with a similar intent as a sigil. People attempting to create a hypersigil optimally want it to allude to and be referenced by multiple other artworks to reinforce its ‘strength.’ The term was possibly coined by Grant Morrison. He used the word to describe his purpose in writing the comic book series The Invisibles. Morrison considers it the key to a memetic complex created with magical intent.

from the Double-Tongued Dictionary’s entry on hypersigil:

n. a creative work that via the medium of its artificial universe changes its creator, its observers, the real world, or other things.

formerly at Tim Boucher’s blogpost on hypersigil but now missing from the net:

A hypersigil is an artwork (record album, novel, building, etc.) created with the intent to alter oneself and/or the reality around oneself; a meme-complex created with magical intent.

The whole concept of the hypersigil sounds a lot like a “hip” “technoccult” kind of re-packaging of Jung’s classic ideas about “active imagination”. {…} In fact, Jung talks about how active imagination is best done by people who are like lop-sided mentally, in that they rely too much on their consciousness, and filter everything through it.

various comments from Barbelith Underground forum topic “Difference between sigil and hypersigil”:

a hypersigil is charged by lots of people (i.e. the audience) rather than just one.

I wonder if participation in and of itself would be sufficient in terms of ‘powering’ the hypersigil – in which case by merely reading the Invivibles collection you are contributing towards the hypersigil.

Now, in the case of a published work, the hypersigil is then released to the public where it is devoured and integrated and continues to mutate through each host.

A hypersigil does the same thing, but to a potentially far grander scale, because it’s not just feeding off of your dreaming mind, but all the minds that it has touched.

When one creates a sigil, one does his or her own wanking. When creating a hyper-sigil, one gets as many other people as possible to wank for it as well. /// You don’t have to wank over a sigil you know… there other ways of empowering. /// I know. Oversimplification for humour’s sake. Didn’t work, huh? 😉

from “Golden Fiction: A Brief Discourse On Hypersigils” by Sor. Ceilede 789, originally recovered from here but apparently not there anymore; a copy can be found at the Beautiful Pyre blog:

A simple glyph type sigil is usually meant to be charged and forgotten, whereas a hypersigil is meant to be dwelled upon as an ongoing creation ritual of daydream. The hypersigil functions as a two-way axis, images and symbols of desire being fed into the subconscious and received from the depths as flashes of insight and inspiration.

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