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hyperreality ii: vs virtuality

from Wikipedia’s entry on Hyperreality:

Hyperreality vs. Virtual Reality

Hyperreality, however, is different. It includes virtual reality, yet it is not virtual reality per se. Hyperreality creates virtual reality to be an experience in the physical reality, so that virtual reality and physical reality interact with one another. Virtual reality provides virtual worlds that seem more “convincing” to those who experience it. However, hyperreality, provides “HyperWorlds” that blurs the line between what is “real” and what is “virtual” and make it appear “natural.”[3]

Tiffin explains that the difference between virtual reality and hyperreality is like the difference between cinema and telephone. Cinema is an early attempt to create virtual reality. When people enter the cinema, the lights go out, and then everyone becomes quiet and lets the projector “take over their perceptual system”. Hyperreality, however, can be compared to a telephone. When two people interact with each other via telephone, they each feel that they are convinced that they are real themselves, and the other person virtual. Though trapped in a virtual reality AND physical reality, their action, the conversation on the phone, seems natural. The presence of voice in the real and virtual world creates a natural mode. The listener easily distinguishes the telephone voice and the real voice. In the same way, it is easy to recognize the virtual from real in hyperreality.[4]

“A HyperWorld is not only where what is real and what is virtual interact, it is where human intelligence meets artificial intelligence.”[5]

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