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narratives and meta-narratives

great post from publicindivual on “Narratives and Meta-narratives”, quoted at length:

We can ‘place’ things into media in exactly the same way as traditional producers of media generate content, and this fact, coupled with the legitimating functors arising through the morass of social media (i saw it on youtube, it was totally a cellphone video of a dude getting jacked, etc.) creates an unbelievably virulent moment of paradigmatic instability. The instability is a tectonic shift between two or more power elites, but in the upheaval all political assumptions are relegated to concern about efficient use of resources, agile marketing, image branding, and chaos management. Catastrophe modeling and exponential growth planning, coupled with the tensions of technological adaptation and monocultural interpellation coming from the top down, restructuring with little or no long-term goals for productive growth.

“..a culture that gives precedence to the narrative form doubtless has no more of a need for special procedures to authorize its narratives than it has to remember its past.. In a sense, the people are only that which actualizes the narratives: {..by putting them into ‘play’ in their institutions – thus} by assigning themselves the posts of narratee and diegesis as well as the post of narrator.
“There is, then, an incommensurability between popular narrative pragmatics, which provides immediate legitimation, and the language game known to the West as the question of legitimacy-or rather, legitimacy as a referent in the game of inquiry. Narratives, as we have seen, determine criteria of competence and/or illustrate how they are to be applied. They thus define what has the right to be said and done in the culture in question, and since they are themselves a part of that culture, they are legitimated by the simple fact that they do what they do.”(emphasis added) – J. Lyotard, The Postmodern Condition

In this breakdown of the grand narrative against which the Apophenion engenders disruptive transformation, where subaltern bubbles up into counterpublic before colonialist systems can even be fully implemented, all us wireheads wetwebbed together in synchronic telepathy, military grade psychics using black market radionics like some doktor sleepless comic. against this black future perfect come present tense the meta-narrative left is T.S. Eliot waves across an economic wasteland downturn. Terror marketing was for punters, the shit coming down the pike is direct emotional control of shoppers.

My expansion of Lyotard’s original quote, which was skipped over in the original, is in {curly brackets}.

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