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from the applied magic blog

a few quick quotes from the blog Applied Magic from a few years ago:

Pop Magic Drives You Mental

SIGILS – symbols to focus meaning upon, most commonly a a desire for something we do not have. The idea of ‘charging’ the sigil is interesting, as t suggests a psycological process that is shifting the desire into the centre of the mind and making it a realised goal. ‘Viral’ and ‘Hyper’ sigils expand the idea and demonstrate them in operation on the social level. The idea that Walt Disney, knowingly or not, created a hypersigil that is at work shaping the world today is a fascinating one…not least because it is undeniably true!

Hyper Sigils Everywhere

God Damn! Regardless of the objective effects my foray into magical research (and of course we know there aren’t any objective results…even if there are) have or have not had, this stuff is starting to get under my skin! Hyper sigils everywhere damn it! When you start to look at the world, especialy in a city, everything is plastered in them. Yes, its kind of topsy turvy to think that the Nike swoosh isn’t the symbol of Nike, its the engine making Nike happen but there is a frantic logic to it.

Magic Encodes Power Structures

Is magic an encoded metaphor for real power structures?

For instance, Pop Magic ideas have a synergy (yes, horrible middle management term but ot wroks in this context) with fundamentals of psycology and a strange resemblence to many ‘self help’ strategies. The magical practice of creating a sigil as a focus for desire can be read as a metaphor for objectively effective methods of manipulating your own mind.

On a larger scale, are more powerful magical practices modelled upon real world social and political structures?

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