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Midnight Irregulars

from Jacques Vallee’s Forbidden Science Vol II (p207):

Belmont. Friday 28 September 1973

Mil told me about an underground computer group called the “I-Colony” that operates in the shadows of Arpanet. That sub-culture deals in stories, magic, advanced systems, and occasionally dope as well, using the Arpa network facilities.

The members are among the operators of the major hosts, the systems programmers, and the hackers who spend the night implementing various features nobody had ever intended the network to possess, like the strange “worm” program that has the capability to project itself from one site to another across the country, and manifests as a little wiggle that crosses your screen when you least expect it. They call themselves the Midnight Irregulars.

from Jacque Vallee’s The Heart of the Internet (p 83):

She told me there was an underground computer group that operated in the shadows of the network. It dealt in esoterica, magic, advanced software, cryptography, and occasionally exchanges of drugs for money, using the network facilities.

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