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curcio’s immanence of myth

…to solidly re-define “myth” and provide the first glimpses of a “unified theory” of the elements of philosophy, psychology, media studies, anthropology and folklore which all overlap within this single concept of myth, and specifically immanent myth.

from James Curcio’s status update on his Immanence of Myth collection:

… and James’ list of questions on that link is just brilliant …

Looks like lots of other really really good stuff going on at the Modern Mythology blog: a quick favorite from Mr. VI’s Unlearning Reality : Afragility, Twitter, and Embodying Myth as Incunabula:

Because the tension between reality and fiction is manufactured in an attempt to avoid acknowledging the fact that the majority of existence has fictive qualities; that apparently fundamental things are actually agreed upon fictions.

In many contexts, the mythic is seen as exterior – the Otherland, the Outside or perhaps some transcendent realm. It can also be viewed as completely interior – all in the mind, unpossessing of an external reality.

Such a division is ridiculous.

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