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Hypersigils, Identity, and the Internet

pingback on nadreck’s Hypersigils, Identity, and the Internet:

However, there are individuals who, for varying reasons, recognize that one’s online identity does not have to reflect their offline identity. This is where the notion of hypersigils comes in. Through online communities and social media, individuals create an identity that is shaped by their intent, by their desire to become something other than their offline persona. Perhaps this is because they are painfully shy in person, and want to explore having a voice somewhere without the baggage of others’ expectations of who they were. Or taken further, those who are questioning their sexuality and their gender, and need an outlet for asking, exploring, and answering these questions. Or perhaps they just want to make a few subtle changes to their personality. Regardless, they use this online identity as a hypersigil. They create a narrative of who they are, whether formally on a profile, or just in behavior on forums. They iterate, evolve, flesh out this other self. They learn what to discard and what to keep in both identities, and — inevitably — affect their offline identity, their offline reality. They become more like they want to be.

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