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klf v david lynch

pointer to JMR Higgs’ The Red Room & The White Room:

Are there connections between The KLF’s ‘White Room’ and David Lynch’s ‘Red Room’ from Twin Peaks? Both are unreal places which represent a certain state of mind, but are there any, more concrete, links between the two?
Those who have read my KLF book may remember that I refer to David Lynch’s creative process (which he writes about in {Catching the Big Fish}) and compare it to Jung’s Collective Unconscious and Alan Moore’s Ideaspace. All these are models which allow a number of artists to stumble upon the same idea at the same time.
So a musical motif which Badalamenti and Lynch uncovered for a series underpinned by the idea of the Red Room matched one from The White Room. Both stories are centred on fire, which is highly significant for both the KLF and Twin Peaks (“Fire walk with me”). They both include an otherworldly figure named Bob. Agent Dale Cooper seemed destined to remain in the Red Room for 25 years, while The KLF have vowed not to discuss their money burning for 23 years. Twin Peaks features a Black Lodge and a White Lodge (with the Red Room being linked to the Black Lodge), and this nicely echoes the KLF’s Black Room and White Room.

All in all it’s a nice example of how Alan Moore’s Ideaspace can be seen at play in the world at large, how the synchronicities keep coming, and of how much fun utter coincidences can be.

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