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Anachronic Annexation

Hat tip to Xenopraxis for a comment made on this post, Anticipatory Plagiarism, pointing towards a bit on his blog, Anachronic Annexation:

Bayard employs Borges’ Kafka and his Precursors as a heuristic to explicitate the potency of creeping retrospective influence. By selecting seven fragments whose filiation with Kafka is not immediately evident (and resolutely opaque in a few cases), Borges de facto requires the reader to project relations, actualizing these aborted virtualities, an effort which simultaneously and acutely foregrounds these machinations (which are always to some degree) in operation. The fact of Kafka’s appearance in chronological history induces into adjacency previously anonymous communities of elements, irresistibly converging on his person (Borges: “each writer invents his own precursors”); a nebulous field of discrepancies puncutally aligned in resonant sympathy through the magnetic pull of an alien fulcrum, a force extrinsic to the field. (Such as the historian, writing history). The potential of such revalencing operations cannot be understated—hyperstition, in its function as coincidence intensifier, is just that reconfiguring spanner. (Land: “And once it’s real, in a sense, it’s always been.”) The question then becomes tactically oriented: how to amplify, let alone identify anemic signals? One can imagine engaging in steganographically hypersensitive readings of present-day texts in order to ferret out harbingers via stylistic inconsistencies and awkward formulations. Discrepancies which force reading out of a consistent frame of reference, slowing it down, actually provide annunciatory c(l)ues, signals from the future pinging into the past, installing stealthily concealed precursors available to those attuned to technics, the minutiae of material organization and deployment. New ideas, indistinguishable from glitches in the present order (if they are even detectable), belong to the future in that their implications remain to be tested, acted upon deliberately. Can the efforts of the projective reader be outsourced into a synthetic construct which performs autonomous revalencing without the need for a bloated discursive apparatus? What lever, what dispositions, what connections? The name Kafka (and its adjective kafkaesque) already loads the bases, preemptively vectorizing any entity it comes into contact with, with no need for further specification, the hijacking complete. (To this effect, the subject of the next post will be the aptly-named Bayard Operators, coined by phonomagus and philosopher Lendl Barcelos specifically in relation to listening: “anethical operation(s) that can be enacted within a sonic locale in order to provoke as-yet-unheard valences or even reinforce already present vectors…thus breed(ing) novel potentialities since alternate realities (pasts, future-pasts, presents, past-futures, and so on) can force themselves out…”).

Xenopraxis’ blog is here: The Occulture with twitter feed here: twitter.com/xenopraxis. Will be bookmarking and perusing, especially since he is covering some ground I think I had not ever gotten around to discussing here – namely, the sonic component of all this stuff.

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