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the really successful evil magicians

again from “Occult Origins: Hakim Bey’s Ontological Post-Anarchism” by Joseph Christian Greer in Anarchist Developments in Cultural Studies

Bey illustrates this point in Kaos 8 when, mediating between two opposing magicians, he recommends “[saving] our bile for the shits who really deserve it, the really successful evil magicians, the bankers, advertisers, weapons-salesmen, educators & self-appointed rulers” (Bey, 1987a: 12). The reality of banks, ads, guns, and law-men exemplifies the way in which these “evil magicians” have manifested the contents of their imaginations to the point where they are taken as really existing. Against these evil magicians, Bey advocates breaking the “Spook world’s” monopoly of control with a counter-magic, sorcery in fact, which in the process of materializing the individual’s true desires banishes the illusions of the social order (Matheny, 1993). He explains: “[s]orcery breaks no law of nature because there is no Natural Law, only the spontaneity of natura naturans, the tao” (Bey 2003:23).

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