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quantum un-civil war

July 14, 2009 Leave a comment

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alt.alien.visitors, alt.paranormal, alt.mind-control
From: Jack Sarfatti
Date: 1999/07/19
Subject: Re: The Quantum Un-Civil War

Actually, even though Nick Herbert embraces the wrong Bohrian mystical ontology of possibility waves collapsing into actual things that have no real properties when not observed etc, Nick’s power is his ability to brainwash and mesmerize the gullible public with vivid often amusing metaphors and memes in plain English. That is why Nick is so dangerous now that he is flirting, even if only jokingly and satirically, with Neo-Nazis and their agit-prop spreading over the Internet. I have a similar power, but I am trying to communicate with the superior ontology which is Bohm’s. So this Psi War of Wizards is primarily between me and Nick. The others are merely Bit Players on The Stage of Destiny. Actually, Saul-Paul Sirag is pretty good at this as well. Fred Alan Wolf is also good at it, but he is squarely in the same mystical camp as Nick. See “The Cradle Will Rock”. We are shaping the Culture Paradigm. Let no one be unaware that what we are up to here has enormous political and policy ramifications for the near future. That’s why, for example, the CIA and other Intel Agencies monitor all of this via Ron Pandolfi and others on the list. They are right to do so. Remember “Space-Time and Beyond” had an enormous pop-culture impact way beyond its 200,000 copies by transforming the consciousness of a lot of movers and shakers in media and government and business. “Space-Time and Beyond” was a psychotronic weapons system in memetic engineering. It was much more than a book. Of course, Fred, me and Bob were “useful idiots”, Forest Gumps, sleep walking through the mine fields of Cold War Intel Games involving Ira Einhorn, Andrija Puharich, Uri Geller, Fritjof Capra, Tim Leary, George Koopman and many more.

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